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We are NJ patent lawyers / NY patent attorneys Michael J. Feigin, Esq. and Lawrence G. Fridman, Esq..  Our law firm is based out of Clifton, NJ with consultations available in Manhattan - New York, NY.  We are licensed with The U.S. Patent Office and one or more of New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, D.C.

Learn about our our patent / trademark philosophy and how to get a patent. We handle Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights and other Intellectual Property matters.

We work with everyone - from large to small.  We pride ourselves on being easy to reach, explaining everything to our clients, and doing only professional work.  We have a combined 40+ years of work experience with hundreds of patents and trademarks issued for our clients.

Michael J. Feigin

New Jersey Patent Lawyer Clifton, NJ 1037 Rt. 46E, Suite 107 Clifton, NJ 07013

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Michael J. Feigin

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Patent and Trademark Services

  • A Patent Attorney Answers the Phone

    Patent & Trademark Attorney Michael Feigin, Esq. answers the phone. You have my direct number - (973)685-5280.
  • Working with Us

    We pride ourselves on quality work and keeping it simple and honest. Patents, trademarks, and copyrights are at flat rates. Learn More >
  • Learn More About Patents

    Here's a step by step guide to obtaining a patent and work with this law firm. Learn More >
  • Learn More about Trademarks

    Here's a step by step guide to obtaining a trademark. Learn More >
  • Patent & Trademark Experience

    Each of us has gotten hundreds of patents issued.  Collectively, we have gotten thousands of patents issued.  This is what we do.  We handle software patents, business method patents, medical patents, mechanical patents, chemical patents, electrical patents, design patents, and any sort of trademarks - in the U.S. and worldwide! See Our Work >
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