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Jeanette Meng Nakagawa PhD (孟�) is a U.S. Patent & Trademark Office licensed patent agent (Reg No. 67,745). She is a member of the National Association of Patent Practitioners and serves as "Of Counsel" to the Law Firm of Michael J. Feigin. Mrs. Nakagawa represents individual inventors as well as industry clients. Her area of practice includes medical devices, mechanical and electrical devices, telecommunications, chemistry and biology, software, business methods, e-commerce and designs. A list of her patented cases can be found here.
Apart from serving clients in the U.S. prosecuting patent applications, Mrs. Nakagawa manages client's IP relationships with Asia and Europe. Her efforts include: helping clients from overseas to seek patent protection in the U.S., coordinating filings of U.S. patents in Asia and Europe, patent prosecution through various law firms overseas, as well as IP consultation in the related areas.
Mrs. Nakagawa speaks fluent English as well as several Chinese dialects, including Mandarin, Cantonese, and Shanghainese. She regularly visits China and is in close contact with IP professionals there, to keep herself updated with the ever changing IP landscape in one of the world's largest economies.
Mrs Nakagawa was raised in Shanghai, China. She attended Fudan University, Shanghai Medical College, and received a PhD in experimental psychology from the State University of New York. She was a postdoctoral reasearcher in the Dept. of Brain and Cognitive Science at MIT, and later became a fellow in the Image Guided Therapy program, awarded by the Dept of Radiology, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School. During her fellowship, her research mainly focused on the application of computer simulation in real life diagnostic procedures.
Mrs. Nakagawa became very interested in IP during many years of exposure to cutting edge technologies in the medical field. She received a certificate in Intellectual Property from University of California San Diego in 2010, and successfully passed the USPTO Patent Bar Exam in early 2011, to become a registered agent to practice patent cases in all 50 states and territories of the United States.

孟琤 (博士),美国联邦专利和商标局注册专利代理人 (执照号码: 67,745),美国国家专利执业人员协会的会员,兼职于纽约的迈克尔·费格恩律师事务所。
孟琤的业务泛围包括:医疗器械,机械和电子装置,电子和微电子系统,电脑软件, 营业方式,网络业务,生物化学,和各类外观专利等等。受理的常规业务内容包括:提供与专利有关的法律咨询;撰写美国和国际专利申请文件;代表委托人在专利审核期间与专利局进行协商,答辩,和上诉;代理任何其它授权方面的所有手续。同时,可以代理协调美国专利进入其他国家的程序 (比如美国专利进入中国或欧盟),或是其他国家的专利进入美国的程序。
在长期从事尖端科研的过程中,孟琤逐渐对科研成果转入商业化的过程和过程中涉及到的知识产权问题产生了浓厚的兴趣。于 2010 年获得美国加州大学圣地亚哥分校颁发的知识产权学业证书,并通过了美国联邦专利和商标局的专利资格考核,获得专利代理人的执照。其代理人执照适用于美国50个州及美国所属领地。

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